Luminous eyes


We enforce efficient advertisement with various system and
targeting through AD-TECH. Real Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding

Order of priority in exposing the ad can be controlled by the Client RTB

Effective marketing performance is available through purchasing useful ad inventory.


By log analysis, Advertisement is exposed to retargeted users when using Luminous’ media partnership websites.

Consistently expose relevant ads to the users who visited advertiser’s website for re-targeting.


Delivering Ads by selecting the data from the users’ population statistics, clicks and network environment

Through detailed targeting, ad budget can be spent efficiently not by randomly exposing an ad

ADID(Advertising ID) Targeting

By analyzing user’s ADID, expose ad to targeted users

Selective ads exposes depending on user’s behavior. Ads can be executed with various KPI, such as stimulating purchases and vitalizing inactive customers.

Smart Audience Targeting

We execute campaign with potential customers based on collected user’s data.

Not just by using app profiling, but analyzing audience once again can improve advertising efficiency.

Local Targeting

Ad is exposed to the user when visiting the area that are gathered by GPS data

Data Inferring to behavior in a specific location expects higher efficiency than randomly exposing